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6PCS Recoil Buffer for Glock


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Polyurethane with specific shock-absorbing properties
Buffer absorbs the shock from the action operating, rather than having metal to metal contact
Long life cycling up to 2000+ Rounds
Will Not Work With Gen 4 Models

Recoil Buffer for the pistol eliminates the metal slide from impacting the polymer frame. This repeated impact batters the frame where the two parts come into contact. Stopping this battering is accomplished by inserting the buffer between the recoil spring and the slide. Each time the action is worked or the weapon is fired the buffer comes into contact with the frame, not the metal slide. Installation of the Recoil Buffer will result in reduced felt recoil, enhanced muzzle control and a longer service life. The Recoil Buffer will fit models 17, 17L, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 24C, 31, 32, and 37. What Is A Recoil Buffer?? What Can It Do For Your Gun? A Recoil Buffer is designed to cushion the trauma your bolt and receiver experience during normal cartridge discharge. Each carefully designed buffer is made from a polyurethane with specific shock-absorbing properties. When it is placed between the bolt and what it slams against at the extreme range of its travel, the buffer acts as a gentle cushion. Without the buffer, the bolt is driven backwards to make direct violent contact with another piece of steel. In time, this pounding takes its toll. The gun becomes less accurate and the action becomes dangerously loose.