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3PCS 1" Tri-Lock Sling Attachment Mount


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MADE TO FIT – Swivel loops designed slightly larger to assure a snug fit, without bunching the loop on your sling. The notch is cut to precision with quality assurance that follows. The 1 inch swivels will fit anything up to 1 inch.
DURABLE – Made of steel, these swivels are created to live up to nature’s elements. The sling swivels have a flat black coating on the exterior to add an extra layer of protection, while also dampening the sound of the swivel when it “clinks” against anything.
QUICK DETACH – Easily remove the swivels in a fast and efficient way, while allowing for a positive lock, every time. Swivels are easily removed in three simple motions, and can be screwed down to ensure a lock that won’t come undone.
SILENT – Once the swivel is locked in the secure position, the swivel can only move to 90 degrees in one direction allowing there to be no swing into the gun. The extra coating on the outside dampens the high pitched ring of regular steel.
LOCK SYSTEM – The design allows for a secure lock to make sure your sling is in the right position, and is sturdy. Once the swivel is tightened down, it can’t come undone until screwed the opposite direction. This makes sure that there are no clips coming undone. Fits guns with swivel mount already mounted.